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Free Fractal Art

The images below are public domain or creative commons, so can be downloaded, stored and re-published. You may need to acknowledge them if you re-publish them.

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Other Fractal Art

The websites below contain fractal art images which may have restrictions on their use.

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How Fractal Art is Made

The basic way to produce fractals is to choose an iterative operation to be performed on complex numbers, e.g. square it and add 0.6. Then, for each point (complex number) near the origin of the complex plane, keep performing that operation until the result is more than a set distance (e.g. 2) from the origin (the point 0 + 0i). Then colour the starting point according to the number of iterations taken, using a chosen relation between number of iterations and colour.

For many operations, a fractal pattern will emarge. Of course, because of the huge number of operations required, fractals must be computer-generated. Some art superimposes fractal patterns and/or modifies the resulting picture in other ways.

A fuller explanation can be found in the M1Maths module Complex Numbers.pdf
or via a Google search.

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